Black bitches ratchet.
White bitches trashy.
Hispanic bitches nasty.
All you hoes are practice.
And before you start calling me a bitter old dude.
First I want to say its not all of you.
Just want to give you the spill.
The tea if you will.
Grown children call it keeping it real.
But Im tired of you old worn raggedy,
Thotty, attitude having call every nigga daddy,
bitchy, snitching, off the wall crappy,
Hit a nigga, split a nigga,
scratch his car with his keys,
Fuck in the back seat
old tired ass hoes.
Retarted ass hoes.
You dark meat like stark beef
on fire ass hoes.
And you white bitches aren’t any better.
Only want to fuck a dude.
Maybe run a train, Maybe a few.
Not just you. Your cousin too.
Its a family affair.
The fucks wrong with you?
Old classy ass bitches.
So sassy ass bitches.
Only catch me if you can cash me ass bitches.
Got to pay me to smash me ass bitches.
Fuck making me laugh
Im over here crying ass bitches.
Old pumpkin spice latte, machiato guape
whatever the fuck you all say
catfishing snapchat, blocked on facebook
still got a myspace ass bitches.
Looking like capers cousin.
Act like you don’t come a dime a dozen.
Pussy is trash but you act like its something.
Sorry not sorry.
I dont apologize for nothing.
And then theres these…
IDK what you call these them.
Cute face, no ass, all feisty, low class
all failing 1 class, 1 dad but 16 siblings,
and no cash, always got a man
but he magically isn’t shit
when he decides he’s too smart for a slow chick.
Illiterate, Insignificant, spoiled batch of idiots.
And this isn’t for women.
This is about bitches.
So don’t get offended
but if the shoe fits wear it.


Relish In The Pain

In the end you really bored me.
Its a miracle you ever scored me.
Cant believe you ever tore me
between what I knew was for me
and the crazy possibility
that something else was for me.
Kill yourself if you want to.
I’m not saying you’re supposed to.
I just don’t want to hold you
from what ultimately beholds you.
Cause look, behold you.
The all wise and noble.
The optimistic. The lover.
I held no one above you.
Except the girl before…
and before…and before…
Need I say more?
Need I praise more to the one that closed doors for me?
Held more from me.
Helped torture me with the unforeseen
emotional cling that fell
on my deaf ears.
Cut through my dead skin.
Hell with no self wins.
Stuck with all dead ends.
Even with happiness
I was still trapped in.
And I get emotional.
But thats how these bars become clear.
How they become real.
How I cry on the paper
cause these words are my tears.
And as I sob and I bob my head
to this song I hear
my heart throbs and paper meets the pen.
Jumbled thoughts, they meet my head.
I lay awake and rest my head.
These soft pillows on my bed
don’t soothe the thoughts that creep in.
Im stuck on the deep end.
Drowning in my sorrows
as another masterpiece lives.
They leave my lips
caressed by the wet set of tears
travel to my arms just about to give,
to a weary wrist quivering and seared
in pain from the shame life gives.
I thank you for what you did.
Let the heart die,
but let poetry Live.

Tell Me Its Mine

Tell me that its mine.
No don’t just say it. Show me.
Im tired of all the trolling.
The fighting, flirting and holding.
I want it now.
Wrapped legs just on my mouth.
Friends? Lovers? My Spouse.
I don’t care.
Just come over to my house.
Or Ill travel to yours
have you pouring from your deep sea
into deep sleep, getting dicked deep.
Im being blunt
telling you what I want.
So please don’t front on me.
Just get in front of me.
Dirty up those knees
and let me see what you’ve got for me.
I like old school loving,
but in truth its just fucking.
Looking in your eyes,
and beating between thighs
while that beating in your wet spot
is all thats on your mind.
Going time and time again
until you’re satisfied.
But really can we ever be?
Can we ever see a better thing
Than midnight flings
And sweaty sleaze?
Call me disgusting.
I embrace it.
Cause life better when you’re naked.
Keep it fruitful. Keep it basic.
But no basic bitches.
See them basic bitches
get these basic switches
in their personality. Start acting different.
They think they winning
just cause you hit it.
I respect women who can take it and keep getting
giving right back throw it back and stay with it.
Keep that smart mouth. Im with it.
Ill chill you out when we get busy.
Just tell me its mine.
I know that its not.
I know that I’m not
the only one thats got it
popped on me.
Locked on me
and dropped on me.
I just want to see it rocked on me.

Pick Your Poison

He who tells the truth becomes the enemy
In a world of followers who are okay with ignorance.
Change only pays when the pay is in dividends
So to change in ourselves doesn’t help the ways we love living in.
Live like sheep while playing like wolves.
Bark and no bite until bites the only choice.
The rules of the game aren’t the rules of the trade.
But we trade our lives to be players just the same.
Everything’s a race that very few ever win.
Constant fouls and flags making you never see the end.
Obstacles become comical in your way again and again.
As you slowly stop to care if this game is worth the sins.
To even qualify you have to lie, cheat or something else.
And since everyone’s doing it. The only advantage is beating them.
Being better and more clever. Oh too very sly.
Or not playing the game at all. Choosing your life not being a lie.

Hearts And Minds

Less considerate and more ignorant.
So belligerent to the system.
Its kind of bad when I think too hard.
But even worse when I don’t think enough.
Knowing the time for things to end would come.
I should have tried a little harder to make it work.
And I feel so bad. So Damn stubborn.
In reality like a real moron.
I’ve never let anyone tell me what to do
and yet I let all those other people in…
Except for you.
I refused to budge
on something I knew you loved.
Trying to move on too quickly
so that we don’t lose the love.
It’s a good thing we still have the trust
but I know I let you down pretty rough.
And I’ve got this thing about being tough
that I don’t let you see because it isn’t much.
Or at least it doesn’t mean much to me.
It’s a pretty dull, pretty boring thing.
A pretty small hunger
I feel no need to feed.
I stand by my decisions
and I don’t regret a single thing.
But I should at least say sorry
for the way things turned out to be.
Too smart to take advice
Too dumb to make informed decisions.


The darkest days make us blind.
Too easily do we find it to be night.
We push away from all the suns rays.
Too afraid to really face the light.
All the happiness, smiling and love that’s forced.
When sometimes we just want to cry.
When its day people judge.
They argue. They fight you.
But at night you’re free at last.
Free to feel the cold on your skin
with no judgement being passed on your sins.
Free to watch the stars as they
swim across the sky.
And feel at piece with the
mystery in which we live.
Day is more for adults.
The fake smiles. Fast pace. Quick drills.
And Night is when the young make the rules.
The free spirits. The loose minds.
The ones that aren’t afraid of never being right.
Who revel in trial and error.
Who love the sweet rush.
For no matter how many times the night comes it will never be enough.


Its seen as sad,
but it’s really refreshing.
Wash away all of your worries
and let relaxation set in.
The pains of the day.
The struggles that we face.
Let them run down in the streams.
Let the sky cry the tears
so your eyes don’t have to.
Watch the clouds show emotion
with no hesitance or fear.
Feel its purity
before it all clears.
The water that falls is truly perfect.
But we don’t look past its gloomy surface.
We ache. We stress.
We can’t let things go.
When it rains the sky is purifying its soul.
So let it rain. Let it pour.
Cleanse my soul for all that’s pure.